Company Profile


Vodafone is the world’s largest mobile telecommunications company, offering its services in 25 countries. The U.K. based company has grown through acquisitions such as that of AirTouch in the U.S. and Mannesmann in Germany. Vodafone is strong in the area of consumer relations and environment. One area of concern is executive compensation.
Vodafone appears to be at the front of the pack in addressing health issues raised about the usage of mobile phones. The company has adopted limits for radio frequency exposure recommended in the Report of the Stewart Inquiry on Mobile Phones and Health. Vodafone has committed to using these standards throughout its worldwide operations. The company has established an electromagnetic fields advisory unit to deal with further developments on this issue.
CEO Chris Gent received a 10 million-pound bonus during 2000 as a reward for the Mannesmann merger. After much criticism, Vodafone announced that “no such bonuses will be paid in the future.”
Vodafone is not a major emitter of greenhouse gases, but it has a policy to “reduce its emissions at least pro rata to the national (U.K.) commitments.” Vodafone is currently developing an index of resource use to serve as a benchmark for future reductions. The company has a strategy to phase out the use of halons, including HCFCs and HFCs. The company has developed an integrated transport plan for its massive new headquarters in England with the goal of reducing the number of employees who drive to work by car to 55-60% within three years. Vodafone is developing an employment and human rights code that will apply to all of its subsidiaries around the globe.