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Donate to the Tides Shelter Fund(A)

Dear Friends, Neighbors, River Runners, and Fellow Travelers…
For the last several years, Tides has offered the Shelter Fund as a holiday giving opportunity to address the perennial issue of homelessness amidst this garden of plenty in which we live. We all know many of the basics. Homelessness is neither a permanent state, nor are its sufferers all alike. And there are pathways out.
The Shelter Fund raises and distributes money in support of these pathways to groups working on some of the systemic causes that underlie the tragic stories of the homeless.
There is something powerful about the holiday season that frequently reminds us of those less fortunate. It comes at the onset of winter, when the homeless are more at risk than other times. It comes when those of us more fortunate gather with friends and family to celebrate our commitment to one another and with our sense of connection to spirit. We remember times past, and often compare them with where we are now.
According to the Urban Institute 41% of all homeless are families—an increase of 5% in the past two years. It is hard to sit comfortably with thoughts of our past in the knowledge that just down the block or across town, there are children in a shelter or sleeping in a car.
I hope you will join me in contributing to this year’s Shelter Fund.
Last year, we supported the following groups among others with your support:
National Coalition for the Homeless Hope House Swords to Plowshares Homes for the Homeless Interfaith Council for the HomelessTo see a detailed list of past recipients of The Shelter Fund you can review them here
We invite you to join us in supporting this year’s Shelter Fund. A Tides donor has offered to match up to $100 each of the first 100 contributions.
If you want to make a direct contribution using a credit card you may do so online through, a member of the Tides Family of Organizations. Please point your browser to:
Donate to the Tides Shelter Fund
If you have a Tides Donor Advised Fund, please contact your Tides representative or call us at 415. 561. 6400 . You can also contact Jose Perez in my office at
Thanks for considering this amidst the blizzard of solicitations….and may these Holidays be warm and meaningful for you and your families…..
Yours sincerely,
Drummond PikePresidentTides Family of Organizations