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Sierra Club Faces Hostile Takeover(A)

A Special Message to Readers from Joan Bavaria:
Trillium Asset Management works in coalition with advocacy groups on a wide spectrum of important issues. Among those groups is Sierra Club, familiar to almost anyone in this country. Indeed, many people support the club each year and receive their magazine and other materials.
We are afraid that many of Sierra’s supporters are not aware of a contest being waged for control of the organization’s agenda. This conflict involves people with no discernible environmental mission who are trying to inject members onto the Board who are anti-immigration. Because of Sierra’s extremely open and democratic process, these people stand a chance of succeeding.
Strife in a non-profit organization is never welcome. Casual supporters are sometimes apt to view the strife as a sign of a weak structure or internecine battles reflecting badly on the management. In this case it is a clear attempt at a hostile takeover. If there are any visitors to our web site who want to know more about this, or who are in a position to vote membership ballots, we urge you to check out this link: