Company Profile

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls (JCI – NYSE) is a global market leader in automotive systems and facility management and controls. With 57 straight years of sales growth and 13 straight years of earnings growth, the company is the premier player in the auto supplier group. It also has a very strong environmental record, with a slew of sustainability initiatives in place.
Johnson Controls has two operating segments, the Automotive Group (75% of sales) and the Controls Group (25% of sales). The automotive group is the world’s largest independent supplier of seating, overhead, door and cockpit systems as well as integrated electronics. Virtually every major auto manufacturer is a customer.
The Controls Group provides installed building control systems and technical and facility management services, including comfort, energy and security management for the non-residential buildings market. The Leonardo Academy has estimated that JCI’s energy conservation efforts with customers will have reduced power plant emissions by 352 million tons by 2010, the equivalent of eliminating nine 400-megawatt power plants.
In 2003, JCI issued its first sustainability report, prepared in alignment with guidelines set by the Global Reporting Initiative. The company’s array of initiatives and achievements is impressive, including a 30% reduction in energy consumption from 1997 levels by 2003, a commitment to subject all new product lines to Life Cycle Analysis and Design for the Environment, a commitment to an 18% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its 2002 baseline by 2012, and participation in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED), which integrates current building practices with new environmental and energy efficiency designs.