2006 Ceres Conference!(A)


April 5-6, 2006 | Oakland Marriott City Center | Oakland, California

The Ceres Conference 2006, Accelerating Sustainable Governance, comes at a critical juncture – a moment of unprecedented challenges from global climate change, tightening water supplies, rampant overseas development and heightened expectations for workplace conditions at home and abroad. These environmental and societal trends pose enormous risks and opportunities for all companies, industries and portfolios. The essence of sustainable governance is managing and integrating these issues into the highest levels of corporate decision-making.

Sustainable governance is about sharper analysis, stronger reporting and strengthened accountability measures that enable companies to effectively confront pressing environmental and social issues. By implementing and accelerating these practices, investors, board members and CEOs can build shareholder value by propelling their companies down a path of long-term prosperity and sustainability.

For two thought-provoking days, the 2006 Ceres conference will bring together corporate directors, CEOs, national environmental leaders, investors and corporate governance experts to discuss how sustainable governance builds shareholder value and promotes lasting prosperity.

Speaker Highlights

Al Gore

After nearly twenty-five years in elected office as Vice President, Senator, and Congressman, Al Gore launched Generation Investment Management, a firm focused on new approaches to sustainable investing. Throughout his career, Gore has been an outspoken environmental advocate. He led the Clinton Administration’s efforts to protect the environment and authored Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit (1992).

Paul M. Anderson

Paul M. Anderson is chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Duke Energy, a diversified energy company based in Charlotte, NC. He will chair the merged Duke-Cinergy company. Anderson has been an exemplary business leader in addressing the risks of climate change and will share his assessment on the progress and prospects for a lower-carbon future.

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