Making Money Make Change – November 9 -12 West Cornwall CT

Resource Generation is hosting the upcoming retreat, Making Money Make Change (MMMC), in Connecticut next month, for young people of wealth. The MMMC will provide information and resources about personal, political, and technical aspects of wealth and class privilege. The 3 ½ -day event will also offer small-group discussions and workshops like “Your Social Change Giving Plan” and “Understanding Micro-Finance.” Resource Generation is a national organization working with young people (ages 18-35) with financial wealth who support and challenge each other to effect progressive social change through the creative, responsible, and strategic use of financial and other resources. In addition to the upcoming retreat, Resource Generation also has local dinners – informal community events that provide an opportunity for young people and their partners to meet, share stories, experiences and questions related to wealth and class. All local dinners are a confidential space. The organization’s dinners also include discussions of the book Classified, an extensive work, with comics, exercises and personal stories that gives the reader tools to stop hiding their privilege and instead put it to work. Classified can be viewed online ( or purchased on the Resource Generation website.
For more information, check out Resource Generation’s website at