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Baxter International

Baxter International (BAX – NYSE) is a leading global health care products firm with a very strong sustainability commitment. The company’s products focus on the treatment of complex medical conditions, including hemophilia, immune disorders, infectious diseases, cancer, kidney disease, trauma and other conditions.

As one of the first companies to align sustainability reporting with the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines in 1999, Baxter has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Global Reporters by SustainAbility and the United Nations Environmental Program. Further, the company is a member of the Business Environment Leadership Council on global climate change and helped to pioneer the formation of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Baxter was awarded the U.S. EPA’s Climate Protection Award as a result. The company has endorsed the Ceres Principles.

But Baxter has shown that this is more than just talk. Since 1996, the company has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 27% per unit of production, toxic air emissions by 85% per unit, non-hazardous waste by 40%, packaging by 20%, and water use by 25%. Baxter recycles 60% of non-hazardous waste and sources 4% of electricity needs from renewable sources.

Social and environmental concerns remain, with the company under pressure from environmental and health advocates to eliminate its use of DEHP, a highly toxic chemical, used to soften PVC for medical equipment. The company has also been cited for numerous violations for improper wastewater discharge. Like virtually every major health care firm, Baxter faces lawsuits over drug pricing and product safety.

Baxter International

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