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Urge ExxonMobil to adopt an explicit sexual orientation nondiscrimination policy, and to grant same-sex domestic partnership benefits

Lee R. Raymond
ExxonMobil Corporation
5959 Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX 75039
Dear Mr. Raymond:
I am writing to urge you to reconsider ExxonMobil’s 1999 decision to eliminate Mobil’s progressive policies for its gay, lesbian and bisexual workers. ExxonMobil and its emploees would be better served by a nondiscrimination policy that includes “sexual orientation,” and by the provision of domestic partnership benefits to lesbian and gay employees.
Over 52% of the Fortune 500 now explicitly ban sexual orientation in their nondiscrimination and anti-harassment statements. These companies understand that this is the most effective way to signal their workforces that this kind of bigotry has no place in the workplace. They understand their social responsibility to offer this protection to deserving employees, since only eleven states and less than 200 cities and towns currently ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation.
Nearly 20% of Fortune 500 companies offer domestic partnership benefits. By acting fairly and rewarding workers equal pay for equal work, they reap additional loyalty from employees, and make themselves more attractive employers. Mr. Raymond, you have said that this is an issue that belongs in the realm of public policy. But these other businesses don’t need the federal government to tell them what is smart business practice. Texaco, Sunoco, Shell, Chevron, and BP have inclusive nondiscrimination policies; Chevron, BP Amoco and Shell offer domestic partnership benefits. In this tight labor market, ExxonMobil should have the most competitive benefits package as possible, and it needs to do right by its employees.
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