Trillium News

Keep Humanitarian Aid Flowing to Afghanistan

We urge you to contact US policymakers as they consider options for responding to the September 11 terrorist attack. For years, millions of Afghans have lived in desperate poverty under the oppressive and misogynist rule of the Taliban. 
The US government has pledged $125 million to support UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s September 27 appeal for humanitarian assistance to shore up the UN’s food, shelter and medical programs in Afghanistan. But we also need to support the good work of civic groups working to provide direct assistance and to educate the world community about the plight of the Afghan people. We refer to such groups as the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, the Women’s Alliance For Peace and Human Rights in Afghanistan, Physicians for Human Rights, and (a project of the Feminist Majority). We urge you to visit their web pages for ongoing updates about Afghanistan, and information as to how you can help.