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Trillium Spearheads Effort to Protect and Enhance Shareholder Rights

Obama Administration has the Opportunity to Reverse SEC Policies that Censored Environmental and Social Inquiries
The current financial and economic crisis demonstrates the extent to which all sectors and all participants in the market, whether companies, investors, employees, or communities, are interrelated and deeply affected by the actions of any one participant. Protecting and enhancing the rights of investors to seek and receive information from their companies about company activities improves the stability of the financial system as a whole. President-elect Barack Obama can help to avoid future market disruptions and also pave the way for a sustainable economy if he protects and strengthens investors’ rights to use the shareholder resolution process to highlight corporate risk factors and press for needed remedies, according to a joint letter submitted today by more than 60 leading U.S. institutional investors, investment firms and investor groups representing more than $5 trillion in assets.
Letter to President-Elect Obama