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Open MIC, founded by Trillium, files shareholder resolutions with 10 Internet Service Providers

 Professor Jeffery Rosen recently wrote in the New York Times, “As more and more speech migrates online, to blogs and social-networking sites and the like, the ultimate power to decide who has an opportunity to be heard, and what we may say, lies increasingly with Internet service providers, search engines and other Internet companies…”
Members of a coalition of investors, lead by Trillium, have filed shareholder resolutions with 10 publicly-held U.S. providers of Internet access, urging corporate boards to report on the impact of the companies’ Internet network management practices on public expectations of freedom of expression and privacy.
The investor coalition includes the New York City Pension Funds and socially responsible investment firms Boston Common Asset Management, Calvert Asset Management Company, Domini Social Investments, Harrington Investments and As You Sow.

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