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2009 Shareholder Advocacy At-A-Glance

Since Investing For A Better World is a quarterly publication, we lack the space to write about all of our advocacy initiatives in depth. But at the end of each proxy season, we attempt to give them all their due at least graphically! Elsewhere on this site, you’ll find the text of every shareholder resolution that we sponsor (and co-sponsor, in which we take a lesser role).

Lead Files
AT&T Omitted Internet privacy & freedom of expression
CenturyTel 30.5% Internet privacy & freedom of expression
Chevron 7% Strengthen global environmental standards
ConocoPhillips 30.5% Report on impact of tar sands
Dominion Resources Withdrawn Adopt a greenhouse gas reduction target.
Dow Chemical Omitted Impact of pesticide “2,4-D”
Ford Motor 10.5% Greater transparency on political contributions
Home Depot 22.3% Disclose equal employment data
Kelloggs Withdrawn Nanomaterials and product safety
Plum Creek Timber Company 39% Advisory vote on compensation
Walmart Omitted Report on Employee Free Choice Act lobbying activities
Citigroup Withdrawn Advisory vote on compensation
Enbridge 32% Impact of Northern Gateway project on indigenous Canadians
ExxonMobil 29% Develop renewable energy alternatives
ExxonMobil 39% Expand nondiscrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees
FedEx Omitted Adopt policy on indigenous peoples
Goldman Sachs Withdrawn Remedy borrowers for past predatory loan practices
IdaCorp 52% Set GHG reduction target
Intel Withdrawn *Advisory vote on compensation
Nucor 27% Adopt human rights policy
UnitedHealth Group 41% Advisory vote on compensation
Verizon Omitted Internet privacy & freedom of expression

Highlights of the 2009 Proxy Season

• Strong votes on nearly all Trillium Asset Management Corporation (“Trillium”) resolutions that went to a vote
• The greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target resolution at Idacorp became the first proposal addressing climate change to receive a majority vote
Dominion Resources agrees to a yearlong structured dialogue with Trillium on the feasibility of setting a GHG reduction target
• Discussions with Analog Devices led the company to join the Electronics Industry Code of Conduct, which addresses environmental and social performance
• Assurances received from Kellogg, PepsiCo and General Mills that they are not currently using nanomaterials
• Participated in diverse investor coalition to address use of labor in the cotton supply chain
• Successful engagement with Baxter Corporation led the company to agree to provide greater transparency around political contributions