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Trillium Staff Honors Founder Joan Bavaria by Planting Flowering Bulbs

trillium_staff_bulbplant_11-09_2The staff of Trillium’s Boston office spent an afternoon working together on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, Massachusetts, planting several hundred flowering bulbs in memory of Founding President and CEO Joan Bavaria.
Joan passed away in November, 2008. She was an avid gardener and environmentalist, and employees wanted to acknowledge the anniversary of her passing by planting flowering bulbs. Each spring when new growth sprouts along the banks of the river between the Weeks Footbridge and the Weld Boathouse, we’ll be reminded of Joan’s spirit and passion for helping to create a better world.
trillium_staff_bulbplant_11-09_3Trillium worked in partnership with the Charles River Conservancy, a nonprofit citizens’ advocacy group founded in 2000 and dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of the Charles River Parklands from the Boston Harbor to the Watertown Dam. The Conservancy works to make these parklands more attractive, active and accessible to all.