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Institutional Investors Learn More About Trillium's Pioneering Work on Internet Freedom

RiskMetrics Group’s “Sustainability Risk Monitor” – widely read by the influential institutional investor community – used its cover story this month to give in depth coverage to Open MIC’s 2010 open and free Internet shareholder campaign. Open MIC, which Trillium founded, is coordinating proposals at AT&T, Verizon, Qwest, Comcast and many other companies in an effort to protect the free and open architecture of the Internet. This principle, also know as Network Neutrality, is critical for those who work for a more sustainable society. It helps preserve the Internet as a level playing field where individuals and groups can speak up on behalf of social justice without censorship or interference from the mainstream media filters. It is also vital component of our economic recovery. We believe that our shareholder proposals at companies like AT&T are already making a difference in the public debate as we see companies beginning to recognize the importance of a free and open internet to a healthy and vibrant democracy and economy.
The story can be found here.