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Mamma Chia
by Chris Lindstrom, an early investor in Mamma Chia
When many people hear the word “chia” they think of little ceramic pets that sprout green leafy “hair.” But a growing number of people know it as a miraculous seed that is one of the most nutritious whole foods in the world – and soon, they will know it as a delicious vitality beverage. Mamma Chia is an organic, chia-based food and beverage company based in San Diego, backed by a provisional patent that will be launching its first-to-market chia vitality beverage later this year.
Mamma Chia contains hundreds of tiny, beautifully bloomed chia seeds suspended throughout, giving it an enjoyable “mouth feel” and unique depth and glow. The beverages come in Blackberry Hibiscus, Cranberry Lemonade, and Raspberry Passion. Chia seeds contain powerful nutrients such as Omega-3 (8 times more than salmon), antioxidants (30% more than blueberries), fiber (25% more than flax seed) and protein (70% more than soybeans).
For centuries, chia has been valued by the Aztec and Indian tribes of Mexico for its outstanding health benefits, and even credited with giving the famous long distance runners of the Tarahumara their extraordinary stamina.
Mamma Chia is developing cooperative relationships with chia farmers to help support their organic certification, social justice programs and overall community growth. The company has also committed to giving back 1% of revenues to help build healthy local food systems. Mamma Chia is a certified B Corp, a member of 1% For The Planet and a founding member of the Slow Money Alliance.
The functional beverage industry is a rapidly growing $10 billion dollar market. Mamma Chia is presently available for private placement. If interested, please contact Matt Patsky, CEO of Trillium Asset Management Corporation at