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New Investor Advisory Raises Questions About Proposed Open Pit Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Earthworks, an environmental nonprofit, has recently published a report that details the growing list of regulatory, legal, engineering, and political challenges facing the Pebble Mine project.

The proposed open pit mine would be located at the headwaters of the Bristol Bay watershed, which produces 50 percent of the world’s commercial supply of wild sockeye salmon.

“Opposition to the Pebble mine project has translated into a barrage of legal, political and regulatory hurdles over the last year,” said Jonas Kron, an analyst with Trillium Asset Management, who reviewed the report. “After scrutinizing the project details, we believe there are significant risks that must be considered,” he added.

In 2011, Trillium organized a group of shareholders representing $170 billion of assets under management to publicly issue a joint statement calling for the Environmental Protection Agency to protect this vitally important national resource.

To read the investment advisory, click here.