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Investment News: OWS Revival Seen as Boon for Socially Conscious Set

Investment News, a publication of Crain Communications, recently ran a front page article about the continuing reverberations of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  
The story referenced Matt Patsky’s presentation at the Investment Management Consultants Association’s annual conference in Washington, DC.
In that presentation, Matt pointed out that last year in the United States; the average chief executive’s compensation was 380 times that of the average worker at that company. By comparison, the average chief executive in Germany makes 12 times as much as the average worker.
“Occupy Wall Street raised a lot of issues that helped us in terms of making sure we are articulating how we can have a positive impact in both social and environmental outcomes with people’s money,” [Matt Patsky] said. “I also think we’ve been more aggressive in terms of looking at opportunities in what we call community investments, where there are higher social or environmental outcomes.”
The entire article can be read here (free registration required)