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Oikocredit USA Profiles Trillium's Community Impact Investing Portfolio

Oikocredit USA, the United States arm of Oikocredit, a worldwide financial institution that promotes global justice by empowering disadvantaged people with credit, recently ran a profile of Trillium’s Community Impact Investing portfolio.

“’All we’ve ever done is environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing,’ says Randy Rice of Trillium Asset Management. ‘In our community impact investing portfolio we are focused on helping our clients achieve a high social return combined with a modest financial return.’ To achieve that goal, he helps clients invest in domestic and international loan funds, and Oikocredit has been in the portfolio for a long time. In fact, says Randy, Oikocredit has been in Trilium’s community investment portfolio for over 20 years, ‘since you had to invest using typewriters.’”

You can read the full profile here.