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Houston Chronicle Op-Ed: Expiration of Tax Credit Threatens Wind Industry

The Houston Chronicle recently published an Op-Ed column which was co-authored by Trillium’s CEO, Matt Patsky and Kristina Curtis, Senior Vice President of Green Century Capital Management and President of the Green Century Funds.

The column reads, in part:

“As investors, we look for growth stories, and wind power has been a great one. The U.S. is generating 20 times more electricity from wind than it did in 2000, and nearly nine gigawatts – the equivalent of nine nuclear power stations – is under construction. Wind power provides more than 10 percent of power generation in five states and more than 20 percent in South Dakota. That’s good news for the economy, the planet, and for investors looking to build a cleaner energy future.”

“… [T]he U.S. provides a tax credit for each kilowatt-hour of wind power produced, known as the Production Tax Credit…. President George H.W. Bush originally signed the Production Tax Credit into law in 1992. However, after decades of bipartisan support, it’s set to expire at the end of this year. If lawmakers do not act, it could bring the wind power economy nearly to a halt, putting thousands of jobs on the line.”

You can read the entire Op-Ed column here.