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Matt Patsky Testifies at Massachusetts State House in Favor of Progressive Tax System

On March 26, 2013, Trillium’s CEO, Matt Patsky, testified before the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Taxation in support of House Bill 2687 and Senate Bill 1313. The bills propose the implementation of a tax rate of 8.95% on capital gains, dividends, interest and other types of investment income.

“Massachusetts should tax me – and people like me with considerable investment income – at a higher rate than people with more modest means”, Mr. Patsky said in his testimony.

“[T]he surest path to stagnant or declining economic growth for the Commonwealth is for this body to continue to delay investment in our state’s deteriorating infrastructure. This bill will ask the best-off among us to make a greater investment in Massachusetts, and help ensure that this state remains a fertile business environment”, he continued.

Matt’s testimony can be read here.