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Trillium’s Open Letter to Verizon Shareholders Regarding Network Neutrality Proposal

Trillium Asset Management (Trillium) has published an open letter to Verizon (NYSE: VZ) shareholders urging them to VOTE “FOR” ITEM 5 on the Company’s 2013 proxy card, which asks the Company to issue a report on “how Verizon is responding to regulatory, competitive, legislative and public pressure to ensure that its network management policies and practices support network neutrality, an Open Internet and the social values described [in the proposal].

Earlier this month, ISS Proxy Advisory Services issued a “FOR” recommendation to its clients in support of the proposal, concluding:

“Given the public and sensitive nature of net neutrality and open Internet issues, shareholders would benefit from additional, specific information about how Verizon is managing these public policy concerns. Providing such information would not be unduly burdensome and could help shareholders assess the company’s management of potential risks related to these issues. Therefore, this proposal merits shareholder support.”

You can read Trillium’s letter here.