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Daily Gazette: Groups Push for More Female Board Members

The Daily Gazette, which is based in Schenectady, NY, recently published an article about Trillium’s corporate engagement with Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW) around the issue of board diversity.

Marlene Kennedy writes:

“[Trillium’s] resolution asked Lowe’s to publicly commit to seeking out female candidates for ‘every board search’ and to publish a report card on its efforts by November.

Last month, though, Trillium withdrew the resolution, citing ‘successful engagement’ with the company.

Susan Baker, Trillium’s vice president for shareholder advocacy, said that in exchange for the withdrawal, Lowe’s agreed to revise corporate governance documents to make gender and race part of its nominee search process.

‘In this case we made good progress with the amended corporate governance documents and will proceed with shareholder dialogue before next filing season around the topic of how the revised search criteria has altered their practices,’ Baker said.”

You can read the entire article here. (Subscription may be required.)