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GREEN CENTURY FUNDS: Green Bonds in a Changing Market

Green Century Funds, which manages the Trillium sub-advised Green Century Balanced Fund, recently published an article on their thoughts on today’s bond market and how their green-investing strategy uses environmentally focused green bonds to seek to reduce volatility.

“…Historically, it has not been easy to find fixed income investments that support large-scale environmental initiatives and address climate change. That’s why we were pleased that the World Bank issued its Green Bonds in 2008. These bonds promote environmental sustainability through its international development efforts.

Cheryl I. Smith, Ph.D., CFA, a managing partner of Trillium Asset Management and a portfolio manager of the Green Century Balanced Fund, said, ‘The World Bank’s Green Bonds offer stable income and strong environmental solutions – something that can be difficult to find in fixed income securities. We have been excited to own these bonds in the Balanced Fund since they were first issued and look forward to evaluating future offerings for potential inclusion in the portfolio…’”

You can read the entire article here.