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Shareholders Ask Verizon and AT&T to Report on Government Requests for Customer Information

BOSTON, MA // NOVEMBER 20, 2013: Adding the investor voice to the government surveillance debate, shareholders of Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T (NYSE: T) filed shareholder proposals calling on the companies to publish semi-annual reports detailing how often they have shared information with U.S. or foreign governments and what type of customer information has been shared. These proposals bring the discussion squarely in front of corporate management and boards of directors.

Global concern over U.S. government surveillance programs has provoked international press coverage as well as U.S. Congressional and European legislative hearings, and widespread calls for reform.

Trillium Asset Management, on behalf of the Park Foundation, is the lead filer on the proposal with Verizon. Trillium is also a co-filer on the AT&T proposal. The lead filer of the AT&T resolution is the New York State Common Retirement Fund, which manages assets on behalf of more than one million State employees and retirees.

Responding to growing public concern companies, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Yahoo!, Twitter and LinkedIn, have published “Transparency Reports” disclosing information on government data requests. Additionally, Google and Microsoft have sued seeking authorization to disclose further information to the public concerning these requests. Neither Verizon nor AT&T has taken either step.

“Verizon and AT&T are not managing this crisis effectively”, said Jonas Kron, Trillium’s Director of Shareholder Advocacy. “Now is the time for these companies to demonstrate that they will protect user privacy, because it is in the interest of everyone – investors, citizens, our nation and the companies. Failure to persuade customers of a genuine and long-term commitment to privacy could impede growth – but equally important are the civil liberties that must be protected.”

Shareholders are requesting that the companies disclose how often the company has shared information with U.S. or foreign government entities; what type of customer information was shared; the number of customers affected; the type of government requests; and discussion of efforts by Verizon to protect customer privacy rights.


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