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Forbes: Apple CEO Tim Cook Is ‘Not Satisfied’ With Employee Diversity

Forbes contributor, Amit Chowdry, writes:
“Apple (AAPL) recently released its employee diversity report and the numbers are fairly consistent with other tech companies in Silicon Valley. Apple CEO Tim Cook acknowledged that he is ‘not satisfied’ with the numbers and will focus on ‘advancing diversity.’…
Even though Apple is hiring more females for executive positions nowadays, the percentage of males in leadership roles is still 72%. As a result, Apple was criticized by shareholders Trillium Asset Management LLC and the Sustainability Group about its lack of diversity within the board of directors. When the complaint was filed in January, former Avon CEO Andrea Jung was Apple’s only female board member. After the shareholder complaint, Apple revised its corporate charter to say it would consider women and minorities as board candidates going forward…”
You can read the entire column here.