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Trillium’s Market Commentary & Advocacy Highlights Available for Download

JANUARY 15, 2015: Trillium’s Q4 2014 Market Commentary and Advocacy Highlights are now available to download.
“With a positive outlook for the U.S. economy, increasing consumer confidence, falling unemployment, and extremely quiescent inflation, our outlook for U.S. stocks should be extremely positive, and we are, indeed, positive.
We continue our positive outlook on U.S. financial markets, despite increased potential risks. We expect U.S. stocks to return about 5% to 6% more than U.S. bonds. While we do believe the Federal Reserve will begin to raise short term interest rates mid-year, U.S. intermediate and long term rates will likely be constrained by the very low interest rates available in other major currencies…”
You can download the entire Market Commentary here.
“The majority of our shareholder proposals are filed in the last quarter of the year. Most company filing deadlines are in these months and if dialogues have not been successful, shareholder proposals can provide an important avenue for pressing an issue further with management and the board…”
You can download highlights from our advocacy efforts over the fourth quarter of 2014, here.