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ICCR’s Corporate Examiner: Corporate “Guest” and “Good Neighbor”: Sasol in Mossville, LA

January 2015: Over the past six years, Trillium has written about shareholder advocacy efforts to bring environmental justice to the community of Mossville, LA.
At its peak, the state was home to nearly a quarter of the nation’s polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturers, four of them clustered near Mossville. In all, 14 industrial facilities operated in and around the predominantly African-American community.
With a $21 billion price tag, Sasol* is making the largest foreign investment in the state’s history. The company is building a facility, with a foot print extending into Mossville, which will convert natural gas to a variety of chemicals products and liquid fuels.
In late 2013, Sasol announced that it will be offering all Mossville, Louisiana residents relocation assistance in advance of its major plant expansion.
ICCR’s Corporate Examiner, has recently published an update to the story. You can read it here.


*In addition to engaging with our core portfolio companies, Trillium also conducts advocacy on selected companies (identified with an “*”) that are not in our core portfolios but are held as legacy positions in client portfolios. These are companies that may not meet our minimum social and environmental criteria, but that we still seek to improve. The information provided in this material should not be considered a recommendation to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned. It should not be assumed that investments in such securities have been or will be profitable.