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Boston Globe: A Guide on the Evolving Trend of Impact Investing

APRIL 15, 2015: The Boston Globe published a story about the growing awareness of Socially Responsible Investing, as evidenced by Bain Capital’s announcement that they are starting a “social impact” line of business to be headed by former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick.
Sacha Pfeiffer writes:
“…Paul Hilton, a partner at Boston-based Trillium Asset Management, a pioneer in socially responsible investing, says millennials are a major driver of this trend and will continue to steer the conversation as they get older.
‘These are folks coming out of school having taken a combination of courses in women’s studies and environmental studies and social entrepreneurship,’ he explained, ‘and they come out saying, ‘Why can’t I start a company that’s going to make billions of dollars and also change the planet for the better,’ or invest in companies that fit that profile?”.
You can read the complete article here.