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Trillium Supports EPA’s Clean Power Plan Proposal

AUGUST 4, 2015: Trillium Asset Management has joined 365 companies and investors who sent letters to more than two dozen governors across the United States voicing support for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and encouraging “timely finalization” of implementation plans to meet the new standards.
The letter states, in part:
“These standards, also called the Clean Power Plan, are critical for moving our country toward a clean energy economy. The Plan’s flexible approach provides an exciting opportunity for states to customize their own energy portfolio, expand clean energy solutions, attract new industries to the state, and create thousands of jobs.
Our support is firmly grounded in economic reality. Clean energy solutions are cost effective and innovative ways to drive investment and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Increasingly, businesses rely on renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to cut costs and improve corporate performance.”
You can read the entire letter here.