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Information Regarding Trillium’s Shareholder Proposal at Oracle

NOVEMBER 9, 2015: Trillium Asset Management, along with Green Century Equity Fund, has co-filed a Shareholder Proposal at Oracle Corporation (NYSE: ORCL) asking that:
“senior management, with oversight from the Board of Directors, set company-wide quantitative targets by March 2016 to increase renewable energy sourcing and/or production”.
Our proposal is #5 on the Oracle 2015 proxy card.
Rationale for a “Yes” Vote:
• Opportunities – In light of growing data needs, increased renewable energy sourcing may lead to cost savings, improve the company’s license to operate, and enhance U.S. energy security
• Risk management – Investing in renewable energy may reduce Oracle’s exposure to volatile energy prices and reduce reputational risk
• The company may be lagging behind peers who are already successfully using renewable energy
• Oracle’s opposition statement fails to address the issues we raise and demonstrates the weakness of its approach
You can find more information about our proposal here.