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Trillium Successfully Withdraws Workforce Diversity Proposal at Adobe

Expanded website with equal employment opportunity data launched

FEBRUARY 12, 2016: Trillium Asset Management is pleased to announce that it has withdrawn its workforce diversity shareholder proposal at Adobe Systems Incorporated. Adobe published an expanded section of its website that includes its annual EEO-1 workforce diversity data and provides meaningful disclosures around its strategies aimed at building the pipeline of diverse employee candidates starting in grades K-12; and initiatives focused on attracting and retaining women and underrepresented minorities in its workforce.
“We commend Adobe for engaging in productive dialogues with Trillium on the need for greater diversity in the tech sector, and for taking additional steps to hold itself accountable to creating a more diverse workforce. By measuring and disclosing EEO-1 data companies can better identify areas of strength and opportunity and demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives,” said Susan Baker of Trillium Asset Management. “We look forward to future dialogue to discuss Adobe’s progress against its strategy.”
“We can’t change the technology industry or talent pipeline overnight, but with focus, measurement, and investment we can build a more representative and inclusive sector,” said Donna Morris, executive vice president of Customer & Employee Experience at Adobe. “We feel good about extending our transparency on this critical issue to our website today. While diversity information has been available before, we think it’s an important and positive step to put it all in one easy-to-find location for our customers and stakeholders.”


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