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Trillium Publishes 2016 Proxy Voting Guidelines

March 7, 2016: Each year, companies seek votes from shareholders on items that are pending on their annual proxy ballots. The issues that proxy-ballot 2225x225shareholders can vote on range from the approval of boards of directors to social and environmental issues — including proposals that Trillium and other SRI investors file every year.
Regrettably, too many investment managers and traditional mutual funds fail to responsibly vote their clients proxies, either by not voting at all or always voting exclusively with managements’ recommended positions.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission requires investment managers to disclose to clients their policies for voting proxies and their voting records. At Trillium, we’re proud of the responsibility we’ve taken to develop and communicate to clients our proxy voting policies, and we take that voting very seriously.
Our proxy voting guidelines are designed to reflect the fiduciary duty of Trillium to vote proxies in the best interest of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that we vote our clients’ proxies in accordance with both their financial interests and their values.
Trillium’s updated 2016 proxy voting guidelines can be downloaded here.


For more information: Randy Rice, Trillium Asset Management, rrice@trilliuminvest.com, 617-515-6889