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Trillium Submits Comments to EEOC in Support of Summary Pay Data by Gender, Race and Ethnicity

March 9, 2016: On behalf of our clients, Trillium Asset Management has written to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in support of a proposal to collect summary pay data by gender, race and ethnicity.
EEOC SealOur firm is pleased that the Commission is moving forward with this proposal, as gender pay disparity has become a significant public policy and economic issue which has garnered increased attention not only from lawmakers and civil society, but also from individual and institutional investors, and leading companies.
We believe the proposed rule represents an effective means by which companies can better measure and manage gender pay disparity. We also believe that a finalized rule will serve to drive greater investment in pay equity initiatives that will benefit companies, investors and the economy as a whole.
While Trillium is a small employee-owned firm with fewer than 50 employees, our Partners recently reviewed employee compensation to determine whether there is a pay imbalance between genders at our firm. Our statistical analysis indicates that after controlling for experience, role, training, hours of work and certification, gender has no statistically significant relationship to pay at our company. Going forward, Trillium will routinely review our employees’ salaries to ensure that women and men in the company continue to be paid equitably.
Trillium’s letter to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can be downloaded here.


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