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John Hancock Investments launches two ESG funds: Trillium Asset Management to manage John Hancock ESG All Cap Core Fund and John Hancock ESG Large Cap Core Fund

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BOSTON, June 6, 2016—John Hancock Investments today announced the addition of two new funds focused on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues with fundamental stock research. John Hancock ESG All Cap Core Fund and John Hancock ESG Large Cap Core Fund are both managed by Trillium Asset Management, LLC, the country’s oldest investment advisor exclusively focused on sustainable and responsible investing.
The announcement follows yesterday’s observance of World Environment Day, which is promoted annually by the United Nations Environment Programme and is intended to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet.
“This is an exciting new direction for John Hancock Investments,” said Andrew G. Arnott, president and CEO. “While younger investors have traditionally been one of the driving forces behind the growth in ESG funds, investors of all ages are now recognizing how ESG funds can play an important role in their portfolios. We’re proud to be able to offer portfolios that seek to influence positive change by investing in companies that meet a high bar for environmental, social, and governance characteristics. We are also pleased to be working with Trillium Asset Management in this new venture, as the firm has been at the forefront of socially responsible investing for nearly 35 years.”
Trillium CEO Matthew W. Patsky, CFA, added, “We are very excited to combine the trusted brand of John Hancock Investments with our history and expertise in ESG investing. John Hancock Investments has one of the most stringent due diligence processes in the industry, and we are proud to have been selected as the manager for these funds.”
The new ESG portfolios offer a well-diversified core exposure. John Hancock ESG Large Cap Core Fund invests predominantly in large-capitalization companies, while John Hancock ESG All Cap Core Fund invests in companies across the market capitalization spectrum. Trillium seeks out companies with high-quality characteristics from financial, strategic, and ESG points of view, such as strong workplace practices, product safety, and environmental protection. Neither fund will include companies with material exposure to agricultural biotechnology, coal mining, hard rock mining, nuclear power, tar sands, tobacco, or weapons/firearms, nor will they include companies with major recent or ongoing controversies related to animal welfare, the environment, corporate governance, human rights, product safety, or workplace practices.
Trillium Asset Management, LLC is an employee-owned firm founded in 1982, and has a long history of using its voice as a shareholder to push America’s largest companies to improve on key issues of ESG materiality, an approach that will be reflected in the new funds. The portfolio management team for the John Hancock Investments ESG funds includes Cheryl I. Smith, Ph.D., CFA, managing partner, economist, and investment manager; Elizabeth R. Levy, CFA, senior vice president, portfolio manager, and research analyst; and Stephanie R. Leighton, CFA, partner, portfolio manager, and research analyst.
John Hancock ESG All Cap Core Fund is available in the following share classes: Class A: JHKAX; Class C: JHKCX; Class I: JHKIX; and Class R6: JHKRX.
John Hancock ESG Large Cap Core Fund is available in the following share classes: Class A: JHJAX; Class C: JHJCX; Class I: JHJIX; and Class R6: JHJRX.
The new ESG funds are the latest product offerings from John Hancock Investments, which earlier this year launched John Hancock Global Focused Strategies Fund, managed by Standard Life Investments; three target-date 2060 retirement funds; and five new sector exchange-traded funds, with underlying indexes designed by Dimensional Fund Advisors.
A fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses should be considered carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other important information about the fund. To obtain a prospectus, contact your financial professional, call John Hancock Investments at 800-225-5291, or visit jhinvestments.com. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money.
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Investing involves risks, including the potential loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a fund’s investment strategies will be successful. Large company stocks could fall out of favor. The stock prices of midsize and small companies can change more frequently and dramatically than those of large companies. Foreign investing, especially in emerging markets, has additional risks, such as currency and market volatility and political and social instability. A portfolio concentrated in one sector or that holds a limited number of securities may fluctuate more than a diversified portfolio. Hedging and other strategic transactions may increase volatility and result in losses if not successful. Illiquid securities may be difficult to sell at a price approximating their value. The fund’s ESG policy could cause it to perform differently than similar funds that do not have such a policy. Please see the fund’s prospectus for additional risks.


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