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Trillium’s Quarterly Economic and Market Outlook Available for Download

q3-economic-outlook-imageOctober 27, 2016 – On October 5th, the Paris Climate agreement reached in December 2015 officially came into force. In Paris, 195 countries committed to a long term goal of limiting the increase in global average temperatures to less than 2 degrees Centigrade above pre-industrial levels. These countries also agreed to create greater transparency, build resilience, and work to reduce carbon emissions to minimize prospective damage globally. The U.S. pledged a 28% reduction from 2005 greenhouse gas emission levels, which will require substantial redirection of investment, both from fossil-fuel based energy to renewable energy and toward improving climate resilience and adaptation. Longer-term, we expect the new growth opportunities related to a low-carbon economy to outweigh short-term disruptions in economic growth. However, we are seeing gathering storm clouds that will make it increasingly difficult for the U.S. to sustain moderate economic growth in the near term future.
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