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Trillium’s Q3-Q4 2016 Shareholder Advocacy Highlights Now Available

January 19, 2017 // Boston, MA – During the second half of 2016 Trillium filed shareholder proposals with over two dozen companies, asking them to adopt more sustainable business practices and improve sustainability-related disclosures. We engaged with companies in new areas of advocacy and participated in many successful dialogues. Through a combination of shareholder advocacy tools (i.e. shareholder proposals, dialogue, and policy), Trillium and our clients are working to influence change in corporate behavior that we believe benefits investors, society, and the environment.
Our advocacy work focused on over a dozen environmental, social, governance issues including:

  • Toxic Chemicals & Chemical Footprinting
  • Renewable Energy & Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets
  • Board Diversity
  • Income Inequality
  • LGBT Inclusion & Non-Discrimination
  • Food Waste

Download Trillium’s Q3-Q4 2016 Shareholder Advocacy Highlights.