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Trillium’s Statement on U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

June 1, 2017// Boston, MA – President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement is a major setback for the planet and the economy. But our optimism will not be diminished. We are encouraged that renewable sources of energy are growing quickly (solar installed capacity has tripled since 2013) and that the U.S. economy will innovate and grow more sustainable despite the Trump Administration’s policies, while at the same time we acknowledge that his decision today is not a positive signal to global markets. By removing the U.S. from an international coalition of nations committed to moving toward a more sustainable global economy, he removed us from an opportunity to mitigate the global risks of climate change and help lead the world into a new energy economy through our businesses and technology. Nevertheless, Trillium, like thousands of investors and businesses around the nation will move forward.

“The loud voice of business and investment – even as the President makes this historic mistake – has been an inspiration,” says Director of Shareholder Advocacy, Jonas Kron. “The U.S. economy is an incredibly powerful engine for growth and prosperity and a wide variety of companies and investors have made it clear that even though the President is relinquishing America’s leadership, we will take up the challenge.”

Trillium joins the global investor and corporate community in support of the Paris Climate Agreement and will continue to use shareholder advocacy and local level policy engagement as tools to help move us forward where federal policy is failing.
We encourage businesses, investors, state and local officials, and higher education leaders to speak up for sound climate policies by signing on to the Ceres statement below:

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Contact: Caroline White, Communications Manager, cwhite@trilliuminvest.com
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