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Information for Acuity Shareholders Regarding Our 2017 Shareholder Proposal

December 8, 2017 // Boston, MA – Trillium Asset Management has published an open letter to shareholders of Acuity Brands, Inc. (NYSE:AYI) urging them to vote in favor of our Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting shareholder proposal on the company’s 2018 proxy card. The letter provides the four main reasons why we believe shareholders should vote for this proposal.
In summary, this proposal asks Acuity to issue a report describing the company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies, performance, and improvement targets, including a discussion of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management strategies and quantitative metrics. As shareholders, we believe it is prudent for Acuity to disclose how it is managing its ESG impacts, which can pose significant reputational, legal, regulatory, and financial risk to the company and its shareholders.
Read more about our rationale for a “Yes” vote by clicking here.