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Join Us for a Webinar: Economic Directions & Corporate Engagement Priorities

Webinar: February 12th, 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT

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In 2017, we anticipated that the new Administration would have a broad range of impacts on the U.S. economy, including new policy priorities, severe threats to the environment, and increasing economic inequality. Where are we a year later and what is our outlook for 2018?
Join us on Monday, February 12th as we share how Trillium is navigating this new economic, investment, and policy landscape with our focus on environmental, social, and governance integration and increased impact through shareholder advocacy.
Panelists: Cheryl I. Smith, Ph.D., CFA, Partner, Portfolio Manager, Jonas Kron, Esq., Senior Vice President, Director of Shareholder Advocacy, Sada Geuss, Investment Manager (Moderator)