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Measuring the Impact of Our Investments: 2017 Product-Specific Impact Reports

Boston, MA // March 1, 2018 – Now more than ever, sustainable and responsible impact (SRI) investors are beginning to track, measure, and assess impact. While measuring the impact of public equities poses many challenges, SRI product ratings (i.e. Morningstar ESG Ratings) continue to help asset managers, consultants, financial advisors, and individuals assess how well companies are managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks.
Trillium’s impact reports build upon our 2016 findings and have two primary sections: 1) proxy voting and shareholder advocacy and 2) portfolio exposures in relation to key ESG metrics, such as board diversity, CSR disclosure, and executive compensation.
As a critical component of the reports, we measure the carbon footprint of our equity investment strategies, which is an essential step in understanding the carbon risk of a portfolio. We integrate climate risk into our investment process because we believe that climate change is the defining investment issue of our time. In addition, carbon footprinting our portfolios fulfill our commitment to the Montreal Carbon Pledge, which Trillium signed in 2015.
We are pleased to report significant progress in key areas including representation of women on boards, carbon emissions intensity, and shareholder proposals that received over 20% of votes by management. We hope these reports continue to create dialogue around leveraging investments for impact and help clients and advisors determine which strategy best fits their investment goals.
Read Trillium’s impact reports here.


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