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Trillium named #44 on the Real Leaders Magazine Top 100 Impact Companies of 2019

Trillium is thrilled to announce that we have been ranked 44th on Real Leaders Magazine Top 100 Impact Companies of 2019. We would also like to congratulate the other 99 companies who stand out as leaders as they grow sustainably and create positive change.
This analysis of the top impact companies was a collaborative effort between Real Leaders Magazine, Big Path Capital, and B Lab. The survey looked at companies’ B-Impact Assessment score and weighted it alongside revenue and growth rate. This was Real Leaders Magazine’s first edition of the Top Impact Companies, and currently is the only ranking of positive impact companies.
“The RL100 ranks the top companies leveraging the engine of capitalism for great profit and great good.  These companies are driving a dynamic segment of the economy, bearing a new vision of capitalism, demonstrating that every transaction represents an opportunity for profit and prosperity to manifest.”*
To recognize and celebrate the ranked companies, the creators of the survey, along with other sponsors hosted The Momentum Summit awards ceremony. This was held in Asheville, North Carolina earlier this month, April 2019.
See the rankings and brief description of the methodology here: https://real-leaders.com/the-real-leaders-100-top-impact-companies-2019/
*Source: Big Path Capital, https://momentumavl.com/


The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies 2019 award is not indicative of the future performance of Trillium Asset Management.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.  The Real Leaders 100 Top Impact Companies, in collaboration with Big Path Capital and B Lab, is the first ranking of positive impact companies. The Awards rank the top companies applying capitalism for greater profit and greater good using the formula for Business as a Force For Good of: Revenue X Growth Rate X B Impact Assessment = Force For Good. Trillium ranked 44 out of 236 companies that applied to the survey.  Trillium paid a small fee which went to B Lab for conducting the survey process.