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Trillium’s All Cap Core Honored as 2019 Impact SMA of the Year

May 02, 2019—Trillium is excited to announce that our All Cap Core (ACC) Strategy has received the Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor Magazine award for 2019 Top Asset Manager in the Impact Investing category. The impact investing award recognizes a “best-in-breed” performer that integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment process.
The 15th annual Envestnet | PMC and Investment Advisor Magazine Top Asset Managers of 2019 award recognized investment strategies from different asset management firms across several asset classes. Elizabeth Levy, Trillium’s Portfolio Manager for the ACC strategy, emphasized her excitement for Trillium, “I’m very proud to have been able to represent the hard work and success of the whole Trillium team in winning this award.  We are pleased that the Envestnet platform helps us spread the impact of our work, incorporating ESG and shareholder advocacy into clients’ investments.”
Envestnet | PMC, the portfolio consulting group of Envestnet, evaluates candidates based upon qualitative and quantitative metrics. These include, but are not  limited to, investment process and style, performance, firm profile, customer services, tax efficiency, and in the case for this specific year, outperformance of rivals and the benchmarks in the face of extreme market volatility.*
Trillium’s Small/Mid Cap Core (SMID) strategy won the Envestnet impact award in 2017, which we believe shows Trillium’s commitment to producing quality impact products. In addition to evaluating companies’ leadership on ESG issues, Trillium exercises its right as a shareholder to file shareholder proposals on pressing ESG issues to seek to ensure financial growth and uphold the values of our clients. For 35 years, Trillium has used shareholder advocacy to strive to both change company behavior and create value for investors.
Read the full article and see the other winners here:
Disclosure: The awards are not indicative of the future performance of the ACC or SMID strategies or Trillium Asset Management.  Past performance is not guarantee of future results. Out of the roughly 50 SMA’s that incorporate ‘impact’ into the investment process on Envestnet, the award winner of the impact category (the ACC award) was chosen from roughly 15 SMA’s that fit the following criteria: each portfolio must have at least a three-year track record, at least $200 million in assets invested in the strategy, and be broadly available on the Envestnet platform and open to new investors.   One manager was chosen from the managers under consideration or approximately 7% of managers.  The award winner (2017 SMID award) was chosen from more than 1,400 SMAs and strategists available on the Envestnet platform.  Each portfolio must have at least a three-year track record and at least $200 million in assets invested in the strategy.  These strategies must be widely available to advisors and their end clients on multiple platforms.  One manager was chosen from the managers under consideration or less than 1% of managers.