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Trillium Asks 20 Companies How they’re Supporting Employees on Election Day

As Election Day approaches, Trillium is reflecting on our long-held belief that a strong democracy is linked to a strong economy. When companies actively and enthusiastically support voting and civic engagement it sends a positive message to all company stakeholders and most notably, employees. Unfortunately, voting is not easy in America and often the barrier is a work schedule. This means that some of the largest companies in America can be a help or a hindrance on Election Day.

Recognizing the importance of this issue, Trillium has engaged with 20 companies to understand and influence their policies and practices in an effort to encourage improvement. Unfortunately, not all companies have acknowledged this opportunity to support American democracy. Some companies take a bare-bones compliance approach, doing only what the law requires. While other companies have robust civic engagement programs that provide flexibility and time off to vote. It appears the coronavirus pandemic will amplify existing problems in the voting system this November, with disproportionate effects on some communities. The results of these engagements are both promising and concerning – a number of companies significantly improved their policies following our engagements while others still have room for improvement.

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