Apple, Inc. – Workers Rights Assessment (2023) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrew following Apple’s agreement to conduct a third-party assessment in 2023 regarding its commitments to worker rights to freely associate and collectively bargain in light of accusations of company interference with worker organizing.
Apple, Inc. – Civil Rights Audit (2022) — Issue Type =
Outcome: 53% vote in favor of the proposal
Apple, Inc – Human Rights (2021) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Omitted by SEC
Apple, Inc. – Time Off For Voting (2020) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn following a productive dialogue.
Privacy and Data Security – Apple, Inc. (2013) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn after the company updated its Board’s Audit and Finance Committee charter to include responsibility regarding regulatory, legislative, and reputational privacy risks that confront the company.
Apple – Eliminating Toxic Substances in Apple Products (2007) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully Withdrawn