Costco Wholesale Corporation – Chemical Management (2022) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn following its actions to improve accountability to its chemical management program. Costco disclosed its Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs) to which suppliers across four product categories are to adhere to; disclosed a separate packaging materials RSL; began reporting supplier compliance (on a percentage basis) to its policy; and updated its Smart Screen Guide which among other things guides suppliers in choosing safer alternatives.
Costco – Environmental Reporting/Disclosure (2021) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn after Costco published a new Climate Action Plan that includes an intention to set absolute emissions reduction targets and to track and measure its supply chain footprint.
Costco – Food Waste (2017) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn in recognition of the company’s recent progress in reducing food waste, its intention to report on its efforts, and a commitment to continued dialogue on the issue.
Costco – Climate Change (2015) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn following several commitments from the company including resuming participation in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project). In addition, Costco's next sustainability report in 2015 will include a discussion of the company's approach to energy use within the context of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommendations and the Copenhagen Accord's agreement to attempt to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius.
Costco – Sustainability Reporting (2010) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully Withdrawn
Costco – Land Procurement Policy (2005) — Issue Type =
Outcome: 4.2%