CVS Health Corp – Worker Rights Assessment (2024) — Issue Type =
Outcome: 23.7% voted in favor of the proposal
CVS Health – Paid Sick Leave (2021) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Omitted by SEC as not a significant social policy issue.
CVS Health Corporation – Sustainable Plastic Packaging (2020) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn as CVS is taking positive and constructive action to identify the amount and types of plastic used in its packaging, as well as their recyclability. It is also collaborating with industry partners to address various aspects of the plastic pollution problem.
CVS – Workforce Diversity Report (2018) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Withdrawn following a commitment from CVS to expand its workforce diversity reporting in its upcoming CSR report.
CVS Health Corp-Minimum Wage Reform (2017) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Omitted by SEC