Marathon Petroleum – Community Impacts (2020) — Issue Type =
Outcome: 7.8%
Marathon Petroleum – Climate Change (2020) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Withdrawn after influencing Marathon Petroleum to establish modest GHG emissions intensity reduction targets. The Company has also tied achievement of this goal to executive compensation, which we believe will help ensure accountability.
Marathon Petroleum – Racial Diversity in Executive Leadership (2019) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn following a commitment from the company to issue a report examining the current state of its executive leadership team diversity and its plan to make this team more diverse in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender.
Marathon Petroleum – Environmental & Human Rights (2018) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Withdrawn as company committed to new disclosures regarding policies on Indigenous People's Rights.
Marathon Petroleum – Political spending – 2016 — Issue Type =
Outcome: The proposal was withdrawn by Trillium for technical reasons.
Marathon Petroleum – Lobbying Spending Disclosure (2015) — Issue Type =
Outcome: Successfully withdrawn after the company published on its website significantly improved disclosures of political and lobbying spending disclosures. In addition to direct spending disclosures, the website disclosures include aggregate totals of indirect spending. Since aggregate totals is not best practice, we will continue to engage the company and encourage it to provide itemized amounts for indirect spending.