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Ask McDonald's to Adopt Global Farm Animal Welfare Standards

Please send this letter to McDonald’s Chairman and CEO Jack Greenberg.

Mr. Jack Greenberg
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
McDonald’s Corporation
McDonald’s Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Dear Mr. Greenberg:
I am writing to urge that McDonald’s adopt and implement globally the farm animal welfare standards that it requires of its suppliers.
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In America and Great Britain, McDonald’s is a corporate leader in setting standards for its suppliers regarding the humane treatment of farm animals.
However, by failing to adopt and implement animal welfare standards globally, McDonald’s continues to buy from suppliers engaged in egregious cruelty towards animals. Approximately one-half of McDonald’s restaurants are located outside America and Great Britain.
McDonald’s risks harm to its good reputation and image if it continues to buy from suppliers engaged in abuse of animals. Consequently, I urge McDonald’s to protect and enhance its business by ensuring that its suppliers worldwide meet the highest standards for farm animal welfare.
Please write back and tell me what action McDonald’s will take to adopt and implement globally its farm animal welfare standards .
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