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Tell the SEC to Allow Shareholder Resolutions on Sweatshops

Tell the SEC to Allow Shareholder Resolutions on Sweatshops
Earlier this year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allowed Wal-Mart Stores to omit an anti-sweatshop resolution from its annual shareholder meeting.
The reason? Shareholder proponents had the audacity to make a reference in their resolution to paying a living wage, a key issue in the sweatshop debate. The SEC currently allows corporations to exclude any shareholder resolution that mentions wages.
This SEC decision threatens the ability of shareholders to bring similar resolutions to companies on an important public policy issue. The issue of paying a living wage to workers is at the heart of the public debate on how to eliminate sweatshops.
Wal-Mart has since taken the major step of informing the SEC that the company was withdrawing its opposition to the appeal on the grounds of ordinary business. We commend the company for making this important decision. Now the SEC needs to reverse its decision.
You can help by going to the web site of the Shareholder Action Network at There, you can sign a letter of concern that will be sent directly to SEC Chairman. Or you can send letters to all five SEC commissioners.
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