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Trillium’s Statement on the Tragedy in Orlando

We are so very deeply saddened by the recent news out of Orlando that a gunman violently stole 49 lives in the name of hate.  While many details are still unknown, it is clear that the growing atmosphere of intolerance in our country around race, religion, sexual orientation and gender identity is dangerous and unacceptable.
For over 30 years the sustainable and responsible investment community has worked together to try, through our words and actions, to send the message that tolerance, equality, and protection of human rights for all individuals should be a common standard for our country—and the rest of the world.  We have worked to ensure that employee nondiscrimination clauses include protections for all employees, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
Despite, or perhaps because of, positive and accelerating changes in corporate culture from America’s largest companies over the last ten years, we also see a growing backlash from many who fear the progress that has been made.  From the efforts to implement a “Bathroom Bill” in North Carolina and other individual states’ efforts to undermine marriage equality, we are concerned that the new cultural norms being embraced by America’s largest companies are being fought tooth and nail by many policymakers.  We believe that support of institutional discrimination fosters an environment where crimes of hate are given space to breathe and ignite.
We all have a responsibility to stand up to hate whenever and wherever we see it.  So we at Trillium will continue to press on with our message of respect for diversity, for inclusion, and for human rights.  We will continue to fight for a world where acts of violence cannot drown out the inevitable evolution of tolerance, love, and protection of individual rights and our common humanity.
Matt Patsky, CEO
Trillium Asset Management Employees